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It's true that no matter how bad things get, there is always someone worse off than you are... In fact, a dire need has arisen for those with extra time on their hands to help wherever possible to make the load lighter for the underprivileged.

In particular, there is a high demand for blood donors to help the sick and needy, and for volunteers to carry out charitable works. It was with these factored goals in mind that TrueHumans.com was formed... to help people to provide aid to others.

Our aim is to educate people worldwide to become aware of the ways in which they can help others by becoming blood donors and/or charitable workers.

We provide a much needed service for those searching for particular blood groups to find and locate blood donors, often as quickly as making a simple phone call. Some of our members have provided their contact details to offer donations when required, and we have access to other organisations that provide emergency blood supplies.

Our specialised staff has amassed a large list of benevolent societies and organisations that you can search to provide help to in your local area -- like old age homes, schools for the blind, orphanages, organ donor sites and more. You'd be surprised how many charities there are close to your location that you can become involved with... These aid organisations are desperately seeking the generous donation of time and effort from those who are willing to give.

Are you looking for practical ways to contribute your services to those in need? TrueHumans is the perfect place to find out exactly how and where you can donate goodwill towards others.

We believe that "what comes around, goes around", and there is truly nothing more satisfying than committing to doing your own part to help, and actually achieving it. We encourage you to make a real difference by becoming pro-active, and taking the necessary steps to improve both your life and those around you.

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Social well-being projects covering various objectives for the betterment of the world and its inhabitants...


'Green' your environment by planting more around you...


Protect your environment with good recycling practices...


Social well-being projects covering various objectives for the betterment of the world and its inhabitants...

Our Programs

Blood Supply Services

Need to find a particular blood group? Some of our members have registered to freely donate blood & we can also put your directly in contact with suitable suppliers of blood in your area.

Charitable Organisations

Find the perfect outlet for your noble intentions to help those in need...

Quit Smoking

How smoking is harming your health and those around you...

Our Environment Needs Our Attention

The environment is suffering and causing various problems...

Green Products

With increasing pollution levels disturbing our atmosphere, you can help by shopping smart...

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