Meditation - How it is Good for Mental and Spritual Growth

Have you ever thought that where would this hectic schedule of ours take us to? With the increasing level of stress of day by day the problems related to physical and mental state of body are increasing and as a result of it we have to face a lot of disorders these days.
Why does the cardiologist tell us to relax and why is the blood pressure level so high? And what if we are not able to control our higher levels of blood pressure? I would have a cardiac arrest soon, how do I prevent it from happening?

These are the question popping up in our mind very often but many a times we fail to find answer to these questions. But now you don't need to worry as we have a solution which is going to help you deal with this problem of everyday stress and tension and is going to make your body and mind relaxed and the answer to this is 'meditation'.

Meditation may be defined as a mental condition which tends to relax the practitioner and make them shift to deeper state of relaxation. It is an ancient concept and is associated with many religious values.
Meditation is good for both your mental as well as spiritual growth. Meditation basically focuses on two themes which are as follows:

Focus on the field or the perception and experience.
Focus on a particular object which has already been selected. It is also sometimes referred to as the 'concentrative' meditation.
Focus which is intermediate between field and a particular object.

In case of the mindfulness mediation the person who is meditating sits comfortably and focuses on awareness about a process or an object and the focus here is an open one wherein one can disturb your peace of mind and you are away from all the distractions.

In case of the concentrative mediation one has to take into consideration a particular object as the name suggests and has to make sure that he/she is away from any distractions whatsoever.
This kind of meditation is appropriate where you have to practice religion and spirituality.

The advantages of meditating are as follows:

Keeps stress at bay.
Necessary for mental and spiritual growth.
Explore your true inner self.
To attain the power of better concentration

For attaining spiritual growth one has to follow the particular mudras and asnas.

Meditation improves concentration and is a good mean to explore one's inner beautiful self.

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