Use Green Products

With the increasing pollution and other disturbances caused due to man's activities the need for using green products has arisen. Today right from the time we wake up to the time we sleep we indulge in activities which tend to pollute the environment. As a result of the pollution a number of disturbances have been caused like climate change, acid rain, extinction of various species of plants and animals etc.

In order to save the environment we need to shift towards the use of green products. The articles which we use in our day to day these days are the ones which contain toxic harmful for the body. Right from the kitchen to the garden if we observe at one point of time or the other we are making use of the products which are harmful for the environment. We need to shift to the products which are environmental friendly and for the same a lot of study and research is being carried out which lay stress on the use of eco-friendly products in order to save the environment.

A few of the methods which involve the use of green products are as follows:

Make use of home made and environmental friendly cleaners to clean your house. These can be made out of borax mixed with lime juice or vinegar are a good alternative for the same.
Citrus oil is a very good alternative for the synthetic scents and you can use it easily to fill you room or any part of your office or house with a good fragrance. Also it can be used as a cleaner and the best thing about its usage is that it is bio degradable
Instead of phenols make use of the disinfectants like tea tree, thyme and lavender oil as these are also bio degradable.
Make use of biodegradable detergents as compared to the non-biodegradable synthetic detergents which harm the aquatic life.
In order to clean your bodies instead of using shampoo go in for the use of eco friendly shampoos even for your pets.
In order to clean the dishes and other cleaning purposes in the kitchen make use of the enzyme cleaners.
Also give up the use of polythene bags and go in for the use of paper bags or cloth bags for shopping.
Be energy efficient and make use of the things which consume less energy. For instance use a CFL as it consumes less energy.

It is all the little efforts that we put in today will serve us in the future and also the coming generations. So believe in the fact see green, live green and use green.

by taking necessary action and informing others about it.

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