Quit Smoking - How smoking is harming your health and wealth and damaging environment

Very often we might have seen huge number of banners and posters requesting people who smoke not to do the same. But after reading them we tend to forget the message these hoardings convey us. Cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine which is very harmful and is known to cause a lot of disorders like cancer, tuberculosis etc. people who are chain smokers or those of them who smoke regularly are very well aware of the side effects of smoking but they find it difficult to give up this habit of theirs.

But once you are determined to leave this habit of yours nothing in this worlds can stop you from quitting smoking. All you need to do is just sit and relax and give a sneak peek into the fact that how smoking is destroying everything within you and also your environment.

If you think deeply while you light a cigarette it's not benefitting you at all. It's just causing you health problems, digging big holes in your pocket, harming the people around you by making them passive smokers and also and very importantly harming the environment by releasing gases harmful for the environment.

According to a survey conducted it has been noted that smoking is responsible for a number of deaths worldwide and also for a number of deadly diseases suffered by your body. A few facts as to how this dreaded habit is affecting our wealth according to a study are:

If statistics are to be believed then the money spent on buying cigarettes is the one that can be easily saved.
Smokers spend their potential saving to buy cigarettes for themselves
Smoking has been one of the factors which has been responsible for lowering the standards of living of the people who are addicted to it.

And as far the health front is concerned smoking is injurious to health as it leads to a number of diseases and disorders of our body. A few of them are as enlisted as under:

mouth and throat cancer
cancer of the larynx
pulmonary disease
Bladder and cervical cancer.

In addition to these there are many other diseases affecting the human body and in order to avoid them all you to have to do are quit smoking.
Apart from these factors you also tend to pollute the environment. Whenever you smoke the person sitting next to you inhales the smoke emitted out and is also exposed to various kinds of infections.
And the environment is also affected as the smoke released by the cigarette contains harmful gases like carbon monoxide which are responsible for polluting the atmosphere. At places where people prefer hookah, the smoke emitted is even harmful.

So stop and don't let this 8 cm cigarette bud destroy everything right from your health to wealth and ultimately the environment.

by taking necessary action and informing others about it.

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