Our Environment Needs Our Attention

"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed" are the words given by Mahatma Gandhi. And to our surprise these line fit in best as far as today's scenario is concerned. Day-by-day the greed for having more is increasing which has led to a devastating effect on the environment. The environment is suffering a lot and various problems are arising which have made life impossible on the green planet. Our mother nature is deteriorating by the day and all this is because of the human activities. We don't realize how much we are harming our environment. The modern technology has been the biggest contributor for this condition of the environment.

A few of the problems experienced by us because of the activities we do and which have lead to the depletion of the natural resources are as follows:

Global warming: it has been one of the most disastrous effects of pollution of environment
Extinction of most species of plants and animals
Other impacts include soil pollution and other kinds of pollution.

Apart from this there are various other effects of the bad activities performed by mankind for their needs.

But it is important to know the fact that how we are harming our environment knowingly or unknowingly. A few of the ways in which we are harming our environment are as follows:

Deforestation, cutting trees and overgrazing: deforestation or cutting the trees unnecessarily has led to destruction of the various resources. It leads to soil pollution followed by air pollution and also is a major factor contributing to global warming.
Improper disposal of waste: it has led to pollution of the water bodies as well as has resulted in oil spills and the disposal of nuclear waste has led to soil pollution.
Excessive smoke emitted out by automobiles and other industries: they are amongst the other factors contributing to pollution of atmosphere and also the automobiles leas to noise pollution.
Excessive killing and hunting of animals for our needs has lead to a disturbance in the food chain and also the environment is affected and it is because of this factor that most species have become extinct and many of them are on the verge of extinction.
Apart from these factors there are other things like wastage of resources like water, electricity and other non-renewable resources which have led to depletion of the environment.

A few of the factors which should be taken into consideration for saving are environment from depletion are as follows:

Afforestation: planting more trees
Conservation of the resources
Optimum use of non renewable resources
Proper disposal of waste
Use of renewable resources

If all these factors are taken into consideration then we can save mother earth and our upcoming generations.

by taking necessary action and informing others about it.

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