Spending some time for society and social welfare

All of us might have heard the saying “drop by drop fills the tub” and we also know the meaning of the stated proverb. But have we ever tried to implement it?

Well if you answer is “yes”, then its good but if it is a “no” you need not worry because we are going to tell you that how you all can contribute a lot to society and social welfare.

Often we overhear people criticizing the government or the higher authorities or for that matter even the neighbors for not doing any efforts to keep the society clean but how often have we ourselves made serious efforts to keep our society safe and clean?
Its all within us, if we realize this then we can make this world a better place to live in.
The best thing about social welfare is that you don’t have to spend money or resources for it. It is just some of our time which we need to give in order to improve the conditions. Even if every citizen contributes a little then it can make a huge difference. We also don’t have to blame anyone for not working for the society.

Below are stated some few ways which can help the welfare of the society as a whole:

Take out some time and analyze as to what is the problem with the system which needs improvement.
Encourage others to join in to help you improve the standards of the society in which you live.
Make little efforts like planting trees around, helping the old and the poor.
Try to be disciplined and maintain discipline as it helps maintain law and order.
Make sure that you educate as many people as you can with as much knowledge as you have.
Keep your surroundings clean and tidy
Respect every caste, religion and community.

Apart from this there are many other things which will help you in the long run and help maintain the surroundings… All you need is to make little efforts for the welfare of your society as a whole.

by taking necessary action and informing others about it.

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