Stop Animal Killing!

“Stop killing animals”… these words are often heard these days. Why does it happen that after a lot of awareness and knowledge about the deteorating condition of the environment we do not keep in mind the fact that animals should be preserved rather than hunting them for personal benefits…?

Humans or the Homo sapiens are the only species on this planet whose needs can never be fulfilled and they want more and more. If statics are to be observed then it is clear that animals are being killed mercilessly to serve man’s need be it pertaining to the obtaining leather for shoes or other article of their need.

Hunting became popular during the ice age and it is prevalent to this age. It has been one of the major causes of extinction of a few species and as a result of it only; most of the species have become endangered.

If a survey is to be believed then it has been estimated that the animal hunting is done for the following:

For leather: most of the animals are killed to obtain leather from their skin used for making clothes.
As a matter of pride many people kill animals.
For feeding themselves.
To what they believe is control animal population
To enjoy nature.
It has been estimated that 100 million animals are killed in US for the above stated reasons.

A few of the side effects caused by hunting are:

Imbalance in the food chain: the food chain is affected and as a result of it many animals are harmed. For instance if you consider this food chain:
grass rabbit lion

If any one link be it rabbit is removed or it becomes less in number then grass will grow everywhere and the lions will starve from hunger. Thus hunting disturbs the food chain.
The species become extinct / endangered: those species of animals which are native of a country if killed in large number lead to extinction of those species or they become endangered (i.e., they are on the verge of becoming extinct).
The animals start living with fear of being killed and thus are stressed out completely and die as a result of it.

So we should watch our step and stop killing animals or else there would be a lot of imbalance which would affect us in the long run…
Save animals as they are also an important resource…

by taking necessary action and informing others about it.

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